A Comparison!

We both left home at 18,
You chose a profession in civil,
I got recommended to join Army.
You got what you wanted
And I got to serve the nation.
You persuaded your degree ,
I had the toughest training.
Your day started at 7 and ended in the evening,
Mine started at 4 till midnight . Sometimes never slept for days together.
You had your convocation ceremony,
I had my Passing Out Parade.
Best company took you and
Best package was awarded to you as per your merit and qualifications,  
I was ordered to join my Battalion with one star piped on my shoulders.
You finally got a job you desired and perceived,
I got a way of life I had no idea of , at that age.
Every evening you got to see your family,
I just wished i get to see my parents soon.  
You celebrated festivals with lights and music,
I celebrated with my comrades and guns on the Line of Control  in bunkers.
We both got married ….
Your wife got to see you everyday,
My wife just wished i was Alive.
You were sent on business trips to foreign destinations,
I was sent on line of control / insurgent environment to fight the enemy.
We both returned,
Both wives couldn’t control their tears, but
You were able to wipe her’s but, I couldn’t…
You hugged her and your children,  but, I couldn’t.
Because I was lying in the coffin,
With medals on my chest and,
Coffin wrapped with bi icolour.
My way of life ended…
Your still continues…
I still have no grudges or complaints…  I just want you all to realise that for your tom’row I gave my today smilingly … Hope my countrymen , politicians and friends respect this sacrifice someday and give Forces their legitimate due…

We both left home at 18